Lifetime Studios in Kasvu Open Final 8th of June

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Lifetime Studios is Chosen to Top 15 Companies in Finland in Kasvu Open.

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I Will present a pitch talk 8th of June in Helsinki region Final. Pitch will be available in English and in Finnish.

Br, Risto

Lifetime Studios is in Crunchbase and in Gust 

A Note from a investor

On 05/28/15 02:57ip., Ivan wrote:


Hi Risto, 

I’m currently working with a number of tier 1 & 2 brands cross vertically such as Philips, Audi, EDF, AXA, McDonald's, Nike, Microsoft etc. who have expressed investment priorities within Business Intelligence & Big Data / Analytic's for digital marketing. 

Lifetime Oy Ltd. have been passed to me as a recommendation and I’m keen to see if there is any synergy between their challenges and your solutions. 

Are you free for a quick chat today or tomorrow? 



 Lifetime friends welcome new investors

Lifetime friends welcome new investors


Risto Päärni

Developer Services available from Lifetime Studios.


1. Opening a New Business * Squarespace Cover Page plus Domain Setup

* 2h for Domain Setup

* 2h for Squarespace Cover Page Setup              TOTAL 280 eur (Alv 0%)

2. Company Website Basic

* includes 1 buyable product to eCommerce

* includes 10 h of development                           TOTAL  680 eur (Alv 0%)

3. Company Website with Commerce

* includes 10 or more products with variants and rich data

* Social interaction 

* Professional Website                                        TOTAL 2.100 eur (Alv 0%)

4. Monthly Update Fee                                       TOTAL     59 eur / kk (Alv included).

1 hour maintenance to your new site.

5. Google Apps for Work                                   TOTAL  680 eur (Alv 0%)

* 2h Domain and Admin Setup

* 2h Company Domain and Device Policy Setup

* 2h Security Setup including Valve and Third-Party

* 0,15 h User Account Setup each

6. Apple iCloud Products Setup                          TOTAL 280 eur (Alv 0%) per user

2h setup of icloud per user

* 2h setup for desktop usage of icloud products on PC, MAC, Android per user


All products 

exclude domain registrant fees.

exclude cover page fee from 5 to 12 dollars a mo.

includes FREE Domain Name Server Service (VALUE $ 29.95  a Year)*


*Or company can use their own or Domain Name Server.