Digital marketing with Business Intelligence based on Big Data now available from Lifetime Studios - Advisors You Trust

Digital marketing has evolved. The world is deviating and getting braver, markets drivers are different and becoming bolder, business models are disruptive and going beyond borders. Your work today requires new insights, methodologies, tools and interaction. It is more than just looking at the market alone; it is about understanding all market dynamics.

As a professional at your industry, you need to follow and analyze your customers, competition and market drivers - by using primary and secondary market research, business intelligence with big data along with connected social monitoring. An increase in R & D with built-in Analytical Capabilities is urgently needed in key processes like Sales, Marketing, Product Platforms, and Production. Your critical question is how to find a trustworthy partner to secure your business success and sharpen your competitive edge in this new disruptive market.

As a Business Owner, You need to address the following

• Using Business Intelligence and Big Data to gain new leads and sales to thrive your business • use of BI and Big Data to improve conversion rate in Digital Marketing • Finding and hiring the trusted advisors in tough digital times? • Win new customers • improve your company's net earnings with digital marketing process The folks at the Lifetime Studios Advisor teams are ready to help you to win.


Risto Päärni

Developer Services available from Lifetime Studios.


1. Opening a New Business * Squarespace Cover Page plus Domain Setup

* 2h for Domain Setup

* 2h for Squarespace Cover Page Setup              TOTAL 280 eur (Alv 0%)

2. Company Website Basic

* includes 1 buyable product to eCommerce

* includes 10 h of development                           TOTAL  680 eur (Alv 0%)

3. Company Website with Commerce

* includes 10 or more products with variants and rich data

* Social interaction 

* Professional Website                                        TOTAL 2.100 eur (Alv 0%)

4. Monthly Update Fee                                       TOTAL     59 eur / kk (Alv included).

1 hour maintenance to your new site.

5. Google Apps for Work                                   TOTAL  680 eur (Alv 0%)

* 2h Domain and Admin Setup

* 2h Company Domain and Device Policy Setup

* 2h Security Setup including Valve and Third-Party

* 0,15 h User Account Setup each

6. Apple iCloud Products Setup                          TOTAL 280 eur (Alv 0%) per user

2h setup of icloud per user

* 2h setup for desktop usage of icloud products on PC, MAC, Android per user


All products 

exclude domain registrant fees.

exclude cover page fee from 5 to 12 dollars a mo.

includes FREE Domain Name Server Service (VALUE $ 29.95  a Year)*


*Or company can use their own or Domain Name Server.