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2016  Q1 Pricing; Resources available


Projects Offer; 160 h minimum, 3 months available, Work Load can be combined w. Different roles. Hours needs to spent in 2016. Unused hours can be moved to next project. Prices are in US dollars and in EU euros. Customer will pay possible travel costs plus daily allowance.
For Shorter Assignments there is our daily priced products (See).
For Management Consulting and Mentoring our daily priced products are here.


Front-End Developer available

windows 10.0 enterprise-15-preview-4 enterprise-15-preview-3 ide c# editor C++ xaml tools install windows 6.1 web .net debugger Setup Python windows 6.3 roslyntfs intellisense enterprise-15-preview-5 theming wpf resharper UWP diagnostics windows forms Universal JavaScript Web Site Azure 

Function: Strategy work and Research & Development

Consultant,  ICT

$ 45 (44.90 €) per hour

  • Evaluation of New Solutions, Technologies, Trends, Ideas, Innovations,
  • Market 7P Analysis
  • Productization
  • Strategy Work
  • White Papers
  • Business Development
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Big Data Strategies
  • Transform Results of Customer Surveys into Customer Lifetime Value in CRM.

Consultant, Customer Surveys

$ 45 (44.90 €) per hour

  • Reviewing and developing undergoing customer surveys,

  • Assisting the Implementation Phase of New Customer Surveys incl. Content, Structure and so on,

  • Conducting Customer Surveys using Turnkey Model,

  • Can deliver results with multiple surveys with various software solutions fe. Digium Enterprise, SurveyMonkey etc.

Function: Sales

Sales Manager

$ 39.50 (29.50 €)  per hour

  • Sales Capabilities Management
  • CRM and Pipelines Creation and Management
  • Sales Process & Team Management
  • Sync with Marketing Management
  • Leads into Closed Deals.

Function: Marketing

Marketing Manager

$ 39.50 (29.50 €) per hour

  • Leads Generation and CRM Sync
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social 7 Channel Reach to Sales
  • eCommerce Guru
  • Productization
  • Intellectual Capital Management
  • IPR Portfolio Management
  • Trad. Marketing; Seminars, Call Center, Opportunity Mgmt

Inbound Marketing Specialist

$ 20 (22.00 €) per hour

  • 7 Marketing Channel Management and Entries (Chosen by Marketing Manager / Strategy)
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, email, Surveys (w. Consultant), www, Apps, eCommerce, many.
  • English, EU languages.

Graphic Designer / Artist

$ 20 (22.00 €) per hour

  •  Creates Infographics, Landing Pages,  Location-Based, Ads, Brand, App, Digi Art,  Blog Pics, more.

Function: Project Portfolio Management

Project Manager, IT

$ 44 (34.90 €) per hour

  • Project Cost Estimate, Project Resource Estimate, Time-Table, Project Plan, Project Proposal Sheet
  • Agile Project Methods
  • Software Project Tools: Microsoft Project, Cloud Based Project Management
  • Technical Picture
  • Key Account Manager Support for Bid Phase
  • Contract Advice
  • Project Run; Project Team Setup, Management, Consultant, Documentation, Reporting
  • Above expectations Agile 
  • Multiple Projects and Project Portfolio Management Sync
  • Customer Hold-Hand and Project Meetings
  • Approval of the Project

Function: Software Development

We have several Resources for Software Project Team. Please contact about the availability and Project Based Pricing of these (and other as well) roles.
Snr. Software Developer

Snr. Software Developer

Software Architect

Software Developer

Software specialist 

Sql Server Specialist (with Microsoft Certification)

Microsoft Azure Specialist

Quality Assurance 


All prices excl. VAT (VAT 0% ). We currently are 12 to 16  People.

We are hiring (Join our Tribe Lifetime Studios). Free-Lance (bill us) or permanent (w. wage) Contract. Global Positioning.

Contract Terms are IT 2015 (Finland, EU).


This is Q1 2016 Lifetime Studios Pricing is for our New Customers. Minimum work Load 160 h. Maximum work Load 6 Months with Q1 Pricing. Hours can be transferred to next project (lossless).  

Call 00358400319010 / Call Risto for further information

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Platform(s) include Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, more.