We Love Smiles - Operation Playground

In Beirut, Lebanon, there is only 1 children's playground available in the whole city. The teacher pays once a week to enter this playground. There is over 400k refugee children who needs to go school. But there is schools only for half of them. Access to schooling is a right for every child. 

Operation Playground is a mission where World leaders, World richest Men, Political Leaders, Music, Art, Film, Creative Arts, Sports, etc. World-Class People have started to make a change.  We believe that working together we can give these families future that really is different from current view.

Operation Playground sends aid to foster education, children play, help families with improved housing, etc.

This Project has its third meeting Monday 14 PM (GMT +2).

Organisation (just a glimpse , names will be here later). We use Tribes to run different streams and duties.

Operation Playground Phase 1 : Lebanon Refugee Children Schooling & Family

  • Playground Chairman(s) 
  • Playground China
  • Playground Russia
  • Playground Finland
  • Playground Japan
  • Playground France
  • Playground Spain
  • Playground UK
  • Playground Canada
  • Playground U.S.A.
  • Playground Belgium
  • Playground Netherlands
  • Playground Germany
  • Playground Italy
  • Playground Greece
  • Playground Austria
  • Playground Poland
  • Playground Sweden
  • Playground Norway
  • Playground Denmark
  • More will follow soon

European Commission

International Organisations

  • IIHF
  • FIFA

International Stars

  • Music
  • Movies 
  • Sports
  • Creative Arts
  • Literature
  • Theater
  • Youtube and Social
  • Technology

Please join any of our tribes by contact Lifetime Studios / risto 

Names for different duties for the Operation Playground will announced soon. You are welcome to join.

Operation Playground go live.

Playground for 50k people in Suvela, Espoo City, Finland

The Espoo Area is in total 600m x 600m. This Area does not include Park, Car Park, Cafe etc. nothing else. It has one road that goes through the area. Area is lived and shared with at least 15 ethnic groups.


2 Schule / Schools

  • Permanent building for bigger children 9-16 years
  • Barrack style building for the first/second grade children 7-9

1 Kindergarden

  • Day Care for children 2-6

1 Chappel

  • Elderly people clubs

1 Teenager Room

  • Evening activities all-age.