(LSJ) Lifetime Group joins 5G Network Finland ; is open for new projects and partnerships

Hello Lifetime Friends, exciting news !

5G network is opening this spring in Finland. Our partner Telia Company has released new 3,5 gHz network in Oulu couple of weeks ago. In Finland, we are using the same bandwidth as many other countries.

The 5G development opens up new markets and a global ecosystem on devices and services that are 5G standard based.

IoT based on 5G solutions create business capabilities that makes it easy eliminating redundant work phases and optimize running costs, they transform and automate daily operations while improving competitive advantage.

5G based AR / VR is creating completely new business concepts and service models. 

“Lifetime Group and its Partners are available for 5G / IoT ecosystem device and application development. We have over 40 different digital roles and more than 20 Cloud Ready Teams built to launch and support all kind of 5G/IoT projects”

Risto Anton, Director, Lifetime Group.

More information:

Risto Anton


(LSJ) How to secure your data on cloud?

1. Business : How to secure your multiple cloud storage accounts and data and use end-to-end file encryption on email?

2. Work: How to secure your Team files with encryption and share it in G Suite and Office 365 or iCloud?

3. Sales: How to secure contracts and other confidential material when using email attachment? One EU ready solution is to get Boxcryptor for Business!


(LSJ) Cloud Ready Teams Product Line

Etsin osaajia mukaan Cloud Ready Teams kouluttajiksi ja mentoreiksi. Olisitko kiinnostunut tulemaan mukaan otona? Otahan yhteyttä 0400319010 Risto Anton



Risto Anton

Lifetime Group, Business Owner

Lifetime Studios

Lifetime Consulting

Lifetime HR Solutions

Lifetime Publishing

Lifetime Logistics

+358 400 319 010


(LSJ) Lifetime General information updated

Privacy Notice, Environmental Notice, Code of Conduct, Contracting Conditions Notice

Lifetime Group 
Lifetime Oy
Lifetime Studios 
Lifetime Consulting 
Lifetime HR Solutions 
Lifetime Publishing 
Lifetime Logistics

Why this is important?

When participating any ecosystem of industries it is important that Lifetime Group and its verticals have solid legal basis to do business and delivering customer value.

(LSJ) data-analyytiikka jatkuvan tuotannon johtamisessa

jatkuvan tuotannon johtaminen kilpailutilanteessa data-analytiikan tuloksia hyödyntäen on helppoa täydellisissä ekosysteemeissä. Esimerkiksi liikennevalojen ohjaus. Mutta entä kun liikennemäärät muuttuvat hetkellisesti ? Miten historiatietoon perustuva johtamistapa reagoi näissä tilanteissa?

Tarvitaanko näkemyksellistä johtajuutta data_analytiikan tulkintaan? Vastaus on kyllä. Tarvitaan oletuksiin ja skenaarioihin perustuvaa analyysia. mutta näkemyksellinen tilannejohtajuus voi nopeimmin muuttaa tappion voitoksi. Johtajan rooli itse asiassa kasvaa. Kilpailijat hyödyntävät data-analytiikkaa toimintamme analysoimisessa ja pyrkivät löytämään ne kohteet strategiastamme joista he voivat löytää kilpailuetua.

Näkemysjohtamisen kohteena ovat ihmiset ja IoT laitteet, robotit, tekoälypohjaiset ekosysteemit. Näiden oikealla johtamistavalla saavutetaan paras kokonaistulos. Ihmisten tunnehäiriötilanteet on käännettävä synergioiksi menestyksen varmistamiseksi kaikissa pelitilanteissa.

Lifetime Consulting tuottaa laadukkaita konsultointipalveluja sekä Cloud Ready Teams tuotelinjamme tiimit tuovat lisäkäsiä ja kohdennettuja palveluja datalähtöisen analytiikan hankkeisiinne. Tiedustelut ja tilaukset Risto Anton 0400319 010

"Jokainen pikseli pitää olla perusteltu asiakkaan näkökulmasta. Jokainen transaktio voidaan automatisoida. Se on kilpailuetu. Konsultin käsikirja 2019. Ennakkotilattavissa 1.1.2019.

Risto Anton

Lifetime Group, Business Owner

Lifetime Studios

Lifetime Consulting

Lifetime HR Solutions

Lifetime Publishing

Lifetime Logistics

+358 400 319 010


(LSJ) Lifetime Classification of Consultants

IDC asked me for salary study our classification of Consultants and their payment expectations for 2019. Here is our Classification for 2019

1. Consultants

Installation & administration of hardware, operating systems, Microsoft office 365 / G Suite software Administration, implementing security solutions on desktop, servers and LAN. Support of hardware, operating systems and office-software, troubleshooting and repair. Any new consultant is in this category before clearing Cloud Ready Teams Certification Program. Quality Assurance.

2. Developers

1-3 years of experience

3-5 years of experience

5+ years of experience

of Coding,  test automation,  Applications Production, DevOps.

3. Technical Project Managers

Thorough competence within a specific area. For instance JIRA, SAFe, cloud computing, networking, security, Linux, Microsoft Server 2019. The specified person has a long experience and thorough technical understanding – but not a broader approach toward the solutions. System integrator specialists (Mulesoft, Openshift, Azure API), system designers within a specific solution. Technical Project managers.

4. Cloud solutions architects

Cloud Solutions Architects cover a broader area, for instance combining server, network and application knowledge to design the overall infrastructure. Capable of creating requirement specifications based on for instance workflow descriptions etc. Senior project managers, large projects.

5. Senior consultants

Combining technical and smart business comprehension (not management consultants). Competence in organizational analysis combined with a technical understanding – the business part of cloud solutions architects. IT estimation, risk estimation, business continuity analysis – from a business and an IT perspectives.

6. Strategic Advisors

Management consulting. Advisor level. Strategy formation. Cloud Strategies

(LSJ) Everyone wants to just focus on business logic

AWS re:invent Keynote with Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon.com

AWS re:invent Keynote with Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon.com

API Gateway gets Websocket Support

ALB Support for Lambda

(LSJ) Creativity Revolution happens now

Creativity Revolution is now. Automation is taking Business Decisions over. Listen Ming Zeng, Chief Strategy Officer, AliBaba, advices to young people and the AliBaBa success making it easy for everyone to do business in the New World.

Lifetime now accepting new customers.


#cryptocurrency #automation #artificialintelligence #architecture #customerexperience #business #recruiting #youngpeople #transformations #missions #innovationmanagement

#creativity as a disruption

#knowledge revolution

#creativity comes from Lifetime Studios

#Artificial Intelligence based Smart Business Concept

#Sharded Pods Architecture

#From CopyCat companies into Creativity driven companies

#Innovation Management

#New Technology Revolution



#Global Challenges
























(LSJ) We are hiring: Cloud Solutions Architect


  • Responsible for implementing and assisting with the design of the overall cloud architecture and strategy, as well as working with senior stakeholders to ensure cloud implementation is scaled in at optimal level.

  • Understand the Client’s existing services & security and DevOps Infrastructure environment of the business, as well as their customers.

  • Perform migration of Infrastructure private cloud and public cloud creating a hybrid cloud, optimizing networking, ensuring workable application components possibly between Azure regions

  • Create solution that support a DevOps approach for delivery and operations of services.

  • Support the client stakeholders in integration scenarios with rightscaling investments and justifying value streams.

  • Provide consultative approach and technical lead for both internal teams and contractor consultants.


  • 3+ years of strong experience with cloud services (Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud)

  • Advanced understanding of distributed systems architecture in Azure on a global basis. Azure Functions, AWS Lambda. Microservices Architecture. Monolith into microservices. API ecosystem

  • Open Data knowledge.

  • Experience of practical implementations of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tools. Cloud Ready Team available for CI/CD.

  • Knowledge and vision about automation.

  • Experience with configuration management tools such as RedHat Ansible, Chef, or Puppet.

  • Containers and their management platforms

  • Exceptional business communication skills and the ability to communicate appropriately with corporate executives and technical teams.

  • experienced in leading teams and value streams (projects).

Looking forward hearing back from you. Send you resume to ristopaarni@lifetimeconsulting.eu


(LSJ) We are looking for Producers

Lifetime Studios

Etsimme Producer

1. Haluat kehittää brändiemme tunnettuutta , sivustojemme hakukonelöydettävyyttä, vahvistaa konversioita sekä lisätä myynnin kasvua entisestään.

2. Hyödynnät analytiikkaa ja osaat optimoida sisällöt eri kanaviin yhteistyössä Data Scientistimme kanssa.

Käytössämme ovat mm.

Google Adwords | Google Analytics | Google AdSense

FacebookAds | Facebook Campaigns | Facebook Community



Squarespace CMS

Multiple CRMs

YouTube Channels

Mobile Apps

2. Can Do. Osaat ja ehdit tuottaa ja kirjoittaa. Tunnet trendit ja käännät ne jutuiksi. Nautit editoinnista ja tiedät, miten myydään yleisölle. Ymmärrät, milloin asiat kannattaa kertoa videolla ja milloin panostaa kuviin ja grafiikkaan. Tuotat uutiskirjeet, tapahtumat, webinaarit.

3. Toimit taitavasti sosiaalisessa mediassa. Osaat aktivoida yleisöjä ja rakentaa yhteisöjä.

4. Haluat luoda ja kokeilla uutta. Tuot digijournalismiin uusia ilmaisukeinoja ja läsnäoloa. kehität toimintatapojamme.

5. Olet valmis tekemään analyyseihin pohjautuvaa syventynyttä taustatyötä ja samalla tuottaa nopeaa tietovirtaa tinkimättä laadusta. Tarjoamme alan johtavat tietovirrat analyysien pohjaksi.

6. Osaat auttaa asiakasyrityksen digitalisaatiohankkeissa esimerkiksi tuotteistuksessa.

Risto Päärni

Lifetime Studios

#linkedin #twitter #youtube #googleanalytics #googleadwords #squarespace #5why #mobilization

Julkaistu: 29.6.2018 LinkedIn Stream; LSJ 29.6.2018.

(LSJ) Predicting the future ; alustataloudesta älytalouteen

Exponential Laws of Computing Growth or Moore's law predicted in a forecasting exercise that

  • Mr. Gordon Earle Moore, co-founder of Intel, plotted data on the number of components—transistors, resistors, and capacitors—in chips made from 1959 to 1965. He saw an approximate straight line on log paper. Extrapolating the line, he speculated that the number of components would grow from 26 in 1965 to 216 in 1975, doubling every year. His 1965–1975 forecast came true.
  • Moore's Law is one of the most durable technology forecasts ever made.10,20,31,33 It is the emblem of the information age, the relentless march of the computer chip enabling a technical, economic, and social revolution never before experienced by humanity.

Mitä on alustatalous?

1. Digitalisointi luo liiiketoiminnan muutosmahdollisuuden asiakasarvon tuottamiseen. Virtaava Data on digitalisoitavan | automatisoitavan liiketoiminnan raaka-ainetta. Todellisen ja digitaalisuuden yhdistelmät luovat arvoa ja synnyttävät uusia tuoteinnovaatioita.  Runsaiden datavirtojen synnyttävien eksponentiaalisesti kasvavien tietovirtavarantojen luomia (AI) tekoälyinnovaatioita ja globaalisti skaalautuvaa kasvuliiketoimintaa.

Tietovarantoihin ja alustoihin perustuvaa liiketoimintamallia kutsutaan alustataloudeksi. Viisi suurinta alustatalousfilosofiaa noudattavaa yritystä vuonna 2016 olivat Apple Corporation, Alphabet Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Amazon, sekä Facebook. 

Mitä on älytalous?

Alustatalouden pohjalle syntyviä liiketoimintamalleja. Singulariteetin muodostamia uusia tuotteita ja palveluja. Tuotteet perustuvat tekoälyyn ja jatkuvan virran (data streams) tietovarantoihin, ja palvelut rakentuvat näiden tuotteiden varaan.

(LSJ) We are Lifetime Consulting

Introducing Lifetime Studios Continuous Delivery DevOps Ready Teams

Dear Lifetime friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to explain how we work here at Lifetime Oy (Ltd). As you already know Lifetime Oy has to brands: 

Lifetime Studios 

Lifetime Studios delivers top-notch applications for customers who need mobile apps combined to best cloud back-end in the market. Android, iOS, Universal Windows Platform combined with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Telia Cloud, Tieto Cloud, among other. Not to mention our Customer own private clouds and databases.

Our flagship build at the moment is Crowd Investment Management Studio CIMS. CIMS is built using with our partner Microsoft tools and methods. Lifetime Studios is Microsoft BizSpark member. We use Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise and Professional versions (available for Windows 10 S and Mac), Microsoft Team Services to manage Agile Sprints, Delivery Plans, Documentation, Code and Builds and more.

right now, CIMS is ongoing a upgrade to its Deck. The key technical question is using HyperLedger Project and blockchain as information certificates and signing but possible also to money transactions. 

CIMS Advisory Board will also be updated with new people who come from our partner organisations.

I am actively seeking funding round for CIMS. CIMS is Crowd Unicorn and it aims to EU's Single Digital Market launched later this year. In the coming versions CIMS scales to be the Global Crowd Platform.

Lifetime Consulting

Lifetime Consulting deliver Full-Stack capable professional development Teams and Full-Stack capable consultants to customer projects. We use continuous development methodology, DevOps for those organisations who have adopted it. In our core toolset is Microsoft Team Services, in which it possible to create precise Delivery plans including workload management so that each our 3 to 4 person Teams delivers the best possible value to our Customers. Just in Time and in Budget.

Our Management Consulting Advisors deliver Executive Services to customers whose intention is to clarify and step-up to delivering their Digital Strategies, Processes, Apps. We love to show our clients our ideas as Demo Apps rather than PowerPoint slides. Certainly we write white papers if that what you as a valued customer want us first to do.

Our Consultants

Lifetime Consultants are Software Professionals that usually have long history in working in Large Organisations. We accept spring chickens to our teams, but I strongly believe that long history in Software Engineering is an Advantage. That said, old databases and old data is sometimes burden and waste. So all our hired consultants go through life cycle management period where using clean room technologies and cleansing we get rid of old database, find inner peace and tabula rasa. When the mind is clear newly hired consultants will go through detailed hands-on training on Topics such as Software Engineering, Business Modelling, Full-Stack Delivery and so on. Fresh minded, smiling Consultant is our flagship product.

Again, our partner Microsoft's Virtual Academy and our Training Partners seminars and certificates ensure that every our consultant are capable to deliver continuous apps whose life cycle is long and ROI are at the best possible level.

Every our consultant participate actively in Meetups and Hackatlons. We want to be there with the community and our dear colleagues. Friendly faces and small talk is an asset to us. We are here for you.

Physical exercises, I personally favor running and gym, are necessity to stay in form in this bubble business. Good Health and can do attitude, friendly personality can be worked out and learned. Our Consultants do their best to learn every Day. 

Dear Customer Call us for an Offer

Give us a go. Contact our Sales. We build Finnish Software. We also would like to hear about you as a employee. Lifetime Studios and Lifetime Consulting are building New Teams constantly.

Requirements to become Sub-Contractor; The Lifetime Sub-Contractor Policy

Becoming a Lifetime Oy's Sub-Contractor we need the following:

  • All Consultants should possess education level: B.Sc or M.Sc. in Computer Science
  • If Consultant is hired for a customer she or he needs to deliver CV in Eures Format.

Contract Terms

See links below


  1. Delivery agreement for software using agile methods IT2015.
  2. Consulting and other professional services agreement IT2015
  3. Software maintenance agreement IT2015
  4. Non-disclosure agreement IT2015
  5. Agreement on services delivered via data network IT2015
  6. Delivery agreement IT2015

Please download and send us Agreement you see appropriate to your offer and portfolio.

  • LinkedIn Profile, Twitter, Facebook Handles.
  • Course Certificates of consultant offered from AWS, Microsoft Virtual Academy, Google Certified Engineer or any of technology related role offered.
  • A list Activity of the Consultant in his/her Career Meetup Memberships and other activities in the Software Engineering field.
  • For Governmental projects and working in customer premises there may be drug testing and background check done by local authorities.


Technologies we use are shown here.(link) 

I hope this guideline helps us to reach a mutually benefial Sub-Contractor Deal of a Lifetime.


Risto Anton Päärni

Consultant / CEO

Lifetime Oy

Lifetime Studios

Lifetime Consulting


Lifetime Oy is member of Finnish Software Industry Association Ohjelmistoyrittäjät Ry

Lifetime Studios is Start-Up. Our Flagship Product is Crowd Investment Management Studio CIMS.

Lifetime Consulting offers Management Consulting and ICT Consultancy.




(LSJ) Will Fresh Towers Solve Global Warming and make us Live Free?

Lifetime Studios Blue Ocean Ideas Presents:

End Air Pollution, prevent abandon of homes and relocate, using Fresh Towers
Move Mankind from Industrialized World to Value Creation Era.

Proposed Solution 1: Stop raise of Global Warming through lowering the level of Air Pollution

Proposed Solution 2: Stop abandon of homes and relocate through Rising Sea Levels

Build A Fresh Tower 1 km High and 1 km2 ( 1 Square Kilometer) Area At the Top to suck dirty air in and filter the outgoing air from micro-dirt (PM 2.5) and other particles (PM 10).
The Fresh Tower is solar and wind powered unit that will solve Major City air pollution problem like Beijing is currently facing. The solution is building up 1,000 Fresh Tower Units are constructed in Heavily Tensed City Areas. Fresh Tower can be built on Water so it prevent relocation in areas of rising sea levels.

Cleaned, fresh Air is pumped to ground level. Tower can turn on its base to face the wind and get most of flow of Air Stream in to its well.

Fresh Tower include Free Homes and Food Production for the Citizens. Tower may have Plant Floors needed cleaning 03  Ozone, NO2 Nitrogen dioxide, SO2 sulfur dioxide, CO Carbon Monoxide etc. from the Air. With Special Filter even more could be filtered from the Air. Fresh Towers are mostly needed in the most Crowded City Center Areas, but they could produce new Dream Zones for Humans fe. in Amazon.

All Maintenance, both the Fresh Tower and to its habitats, is done by Dedicated Robots so every Fresh Tower is also Dream Engine (ie. You are free to live there without money for basic needs).

The Promise (2100)

When Fresh Towers are installed globally mankind can save this Planet and move from industrialized World to Value Creation World. We can easily meet Paris Climate Agreement Resolution and go beyond. RIsing Sea Levels needs also new buildings to prevent relocation of people. Connected Fresh Towers can provide Decks above the Sea.

Space Travel is expected to grow in coming decades. Every Fresh Tower should be built with Rocket Launch Bed at the Top to ensure Space Travel ( See Elon Musk Vision).

Current Situation (2017)

In the link below there are Real Time Beijing pollution values. In Helsinki worst Day in Mannerheimintie is CA. 50 Units. in Beijing the worst day value is over 500 Units. 3,5 million people die every year for micro dirt in China alone. Now this I call No Go.

Beijing Air Pollution : The Real Situation

Read more Lifetime Studios Blue Ocean Ideas from our Blog


Etsin Back-Office kykyä mukaan Web Summit Lisbon 2016 Messuille

Hei, Lifetime Studios ja CIMS on valittu Web Summit Lisboniin ALPHA ryhmään. 

Lifetime Studios Start-Upille on luvassa investor tapaamisia sekä messuosasto päiväksi.


Etsin 2 nuorta kykyä back-office henkilöiksi Lissaboniin 7.-11.10.2016 väliselle ajalle.



CIMS tuotteen esittely messuosastolla

CIMS kilpailun vetäminen (palkintoina mukeja ja t-paitoja, Sponsored by Radix)

Investor tapaamisissa muistiinpanojen tekeminen



Messulipun maailman johtaville teknologiamessuille websummit.net (arvo 2800 €).

Majoituksen airbnb kodissa (omassa käytössä)



Lentoliput Lissaboniin n. 500 €.


Maksan Osallistujalle päivärahat ja lentoliput kun rahoitus on varmistunut (Success Fee).


Mahdollisuus solmia kontakteja (mikäli on start-up yrittäjä), mahdollisuus löytää unelmien

työpaikka, runsaasti verkostoitumistapahtumia, iltatilaisuuksia, jne.


Mahdollisuus osallistua SLUSH tapahtumaan vastaavasti.

Mahdollisuus osallistua muihin Lifetime Studios tapahtumiin.

Mahdollisuus saada Mentorointia omaan hankkeeseen Ristolta (27 v. yrittäjäkokemus).


Tarjous sopii yrittäjähenkisille opiskelijoille jotka haluavat päästä eteenpäin.


Risto Päärni (DI)

CEO, toimitusjohtaja

Lifetime Oy Ltd.
tel. 0400 319 010


(LSJ) Explaining Dream Engine

(LSJ) Explaining Dream Engine

Dream Engine is Life Supporting Engine for 50k People tribe living on Earth. It has Recovery Engine which fixes problems man-made on Earth.

Dream is that living in a Tribe using Dream Engine is FREE to its habitats. This means there is no need to traditional work (at least not in large scale).

Read More

(LSJ) Welcome to Human Capital Club

Human Capital Club is a virtual place where members meet members. The basic idea is similar to Health Club. All member participate with different services. Human Capital Club Performance is measured with Human Capital Index (HCI). The strength of the Club comes from its member HCI structure, shown as the Human Capital Graph.


We have mentoring members who can help other members when needed. Monthly fee can be collected. Personal Mentoring has to accepted by both sides before an assigment can be made. Any payments needs to added to a Written Agreement legally binding.


Every Human Capital Club member is shown one tribe to join. However he or she can make his selection under certain criteria. It is perfectly ok to join several tribes given the timetable issues.

Human Capital Graph for Tribes

Our Human Capital Graph is representation of our tribes members and their agreed duties.

Human Capital Index (HCI) for Tribes

measures tribes ability to maximize and leverage their human capital endowment. The index assesses Learning and Employment outcomes across 5 distinct age groups, on a scale from 0 (worst) to 100 (best), and assesses different Tribe Systems. In Human Capital Index for countries, top country currently is Finland.

Dialogue Group

In case of a conflict, parties can launch a Dialogue Group inside or between tribes

  • Chaired by trusted person
  • Reflect Situation and analyze different views
  • Trauma, Active Discussion between parties
  • Differences in Law, habits, religion, other needs to be addressed.

Foundation Playground

Foundation Playground is Business Plan like text where all important issues are adressed to excel in mission.

  • Playground Roadmap
  • Playground Phases
  • Playground Budget & Forecasts
  • Aid Organisation co-operation
  • Goverments co-operation
  • Sponsor co-operation
  • Partner Agreements and Duties

Streams with legally binding Agreements

Building Streams of music, video, film, apps, audiobooks etc. needs a good understanding of contracts. Many Studios are already signing in to Playground operations. We want to help each other to reach the best possible outcome to all Playground published Art. Costs needs some times be cut to continue delivery. But, we are not forgetting our mission.

Signed by Series

It is important duty to save Musical Heritage. This Stream has started working with Rock Tribe Artists. Funds received from track sales and performances are given to Playground Operations. There also intention to help those families whose career has not dancing with roses. We can be heroes, just a one day. Do not forget to Rock and Roll today ! Get On !

Dream Engine

50k people engine that provides all-for-free that man needs

  • Heating
  • Clean Water
  • Recycler
  • Energy
  • Health Care
  • Food
  • Transportation inside Tribe Area

Dream Engine is operated by robots. It is a closed system. All housing tribe needs is built by robots. Living in a tribe that have dream engine is safe and you know most of the tribe members.

installed is free. There is no need to work (Other than creative work) for most of the people. There is no need for most of the people to have money.

Reference: Kick Your Ass to Mars Project (NASA)

Tribe: Dream Engine Tribe

Recovery Engine

  • Fix Earth problems caused that are man-made
  • Ago Frog, Wandering Locust

Stop Erosion

Return of Forest

Robots and Ants work shoulder to shoulder to recover Natural Enviroment.

Tribe: Dream Engine Tribe


  • Production Partners
  • Product Partners
  • Community Partners
  • Organisational Partners

Tribe (s): Education Tribe, Country Tribes, Dream Engine Tribe


  • Platinum Sponsor
  • Gold Sponsors
  • Silver Sponsors
  • Bronze Sponsors

Tribe(s): Education Tribe, Sports Tribe, Music Tribe, Film Tribe, Apps Tribe, Country Tribes, Dream Engine Tribe


version 0.1 / 12.1.16

(LSJ) Improving Sales with eCommerce Strategy including Sales Manager and Sales Team On-line

First claim: Customers do not need any Sales Person in the eCommerce Site.


  1. It is true that more Personnel create increased costs. Buying affordable B-to-C products this is true in many cases. In many cases it is simple to buy online without any help. But when the Price and variety in the Shopping Basket increases, so does the need for Sales Support. Live Chat, Sales Representative call, or at least messenger or email message from the company Sales Person is more important than ever before.
  2. Think situation where you are a buying a car from the Internet. For most of us, choosing the right option like color, engine, interiors, etc. is simply too demanding to execute on-line. Taking those product option desicions without skilled product-specialised Sales Person helping us is simply not good sales. Sales Person will assist the deal with qualifying questions and answers and ensure that you close the deal. Using Sales Person in eCommerce improves the conversion rate for Your site.
  3. Selling B-to-B the picture completely changes. If there is no question about the actual products (like buying simple office products), in B-to-B sales there is always questions about the delivery, billing, customer relationship, partnering, re-selling possibilities, etc.
2015 Tesla Model S | car review  @ Top Speed

2015 Tesla Model S | car review @ Top Speed

Second Claim: Self Service is the right solution for eCommerce


  1. If the Markets Position does not allow using Sales Personnel (which usually is true for 24/7), automated service desk solutions can help.
  2. Sales Assistant will add sales when created with care.
  3. Customers value shopping experience that fit their own story. Price is not the only important reason to close a deal.

Third Claim: Automated Solutions are better than Real People


If you are planning a Automated solution for your company, Here are some open questions for you:

  • What kind of support are you planning to give to your customers?

An effective customer service system for dealing with inbound customer requests from channels like email, web, social, phone, chat, f2f meetings, seminars, media (video, streaming, audio).

  • How can you help customers to help themselvers?

An easy way for users to help themselves, quickly find what they need, and minimize time-to-knowledge (TOK).

  • How can you drive customer's engagement to advance your company and products?

Sales Automation should give you a dashboard that gives you insight and tools on how to improve the overall quality of the sales pipeline engagement (wether it is prospect, lead, first-time customer, old customer, retired customer, or returning customer).

With good sales automation (combined with Sales Rep) your customer engagement will improve in terms of meaningfulness, personalization, look and feel, and finally higher conversion rates.

Everyone in the Sales Pipeline need and gain from better productive reflection and deeper dialogue.

Please contact Lifetime Consulting to futher evaluate possible automated service solutions. Contact Skype for Business & email address ristopaarni@lifetimeconsulting.eu, +3584003190400

Hiring Ecommerce Manager

Lifetime Studios has made a strategic decision to centralize main operations for eCommerce and digital channels. Thus, we are now looking for an eCommerce Manager Europe to take over and lead the company's European online sales.

Are you a goal-oriented and enthusiastic eCommerce professional who is looking for new challenges? Do you have the can-do attitude and exceptionally ambitious drive that it takes to develop and build successful ecommerce?

Lifetime Studios offers a unique opportunity to make a difference in your field of expertise: We are looking for an eCommerce Manager for the EU.

eCommerce Manager in Action

Our eCommerce Manager will be responsible for building and developing the Lifetime Studios eCommerce targeting global markets, and for Lifetime Consulting local markets (EU).

Main Responsibilities * Creating global eStore Strategy to reach all customer segments. * Increase conversion rate for the selected customer segments. * Plan and lead the digital company growth. * Choose, recruit, and lead Sales Teams in different market areas and customer profiles. * Report financial results to Lifetime Oy Advisory Board. * Plan and advice company marketing Manager for campaigns and channel management. * Evaluate and build Saled Process Dashboard that will include key indicators to manage growth. * Take action on re-seller products contracting and positioning in the product portfolio.

Skills for eCommerce Manager at Lifetime Oy Ltd.

  • Be able to build a Strategic Market Insight(s)
  • Strong leader
  • Mentoring Skills
  • Coaching Skills
  • Digital Native
  • Global Citizen
  • Academic Degree

(LSJ) Good Sales Practices * näin parannat myyntiä

Good Sales Practices

Gather Information

  • Browse and analyze potential client's company website. How the site has been built, how company tells about their story, offerings, productization and content. Brief analysis of a company website takes only 30 minutes.
  • Investigate how company is using interactive dialog with the Sales vs. Customer. Is there Online Presence?
  • Find and analyze company pages, eCommerce pages and company presentations in LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Slidehare, YouTube and Twitter. Get a good understanding what the company is proud of. Use LinkedIn profiles to learn backgrounds of people you are about to prospect, lead, contact and meet f2f, negotiate with and finally close sales.

  • Create Master Data for the Lead. Use SWOT Analysis to identify Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threads from the competitor.

  • Learn prospect company's general business mission and vision and analyze those against Your Positioning.
  • Investigate their business setup, like people, partners, owners, Marketing-Mix 7P, etc.
  • Connect to top people to learn more.

Create Sales Pitch

  • Find story from the Customer's World - Why this is important to me? (customer view).
  • Identify opportunities how you could help the client.
  • Write these ideas to your sales presentation.
  • Make Customer Storyboard and Storytelling as the Basis to your product sales.
  • Even if the ideas do not immediately resonate with the people you meet, they will get an impression that you have invested time to think their business.
  • Bigger the client opportunity, more you need to invest time to presales investigation. Listen, Read, do Market Research, use Business Intelligence, setup a Big Data & Streaming Analytics pipeline.
  • Personalize sales pitch so that is differs to various contact groups. Develop variations of Your sales pitch to several contact groups differentiated by fe.
  • his/her whole career vs. versatile industry experience,tech. savvy vs. commercial savvy (or having both),
  • international vs. domestic career,
  • one function vs. multiple functional competences,
  • Personal Character Features

Meeting the client

  • Ask the client if they want to give their presentation first that will tell about their business and potentially achievements and pain points they are facing around the topic area you are selling. Once you have heard how client tells about their business it is easier to adjust your own presentation to make it resonate with the client. Listen and learn. Do not push your own message.

Develop Your Products All-Time - Digital Design 24/7

  • Keep Your products simple, so you can quickly pivot those products that do not sell in 3 months.
  • Keep Your product catalog such that you can manage it with ease. Keep Your products available in eCommerce Store.
  • Keep Your Marketing-Mix 7P alive and updated.
  • Do not sell 'tailored' or 'projects'. Customers love well defined products.
  • (Origins of this English Entry was in LinkedIn Sales Group, updated and all-round rewritten).

Näin Parannat Myyntiä

  1. Kehitä valikoimaa koko ajan.
  2. Selvitä, mitä asiakas haluaa.
  3. Hio tuotteita loppuun asti.
  4. Vie tuote kaikkialle, missä asiakas käy.
  5. Kansainvälisty, vaikka jäisit Suomeen. Maailmalta tulee kilpailijoita tänne.
  6. Ole ahkera. Ei riitä, että tekee paljon töitä. Pitää tehdä älyttömän paljon töitä.
  7. Oivalla jotakin ostajan elämästä. Tee oivalluksesta tarinasi. Esimerkkinä Happy Socks. Miksi miehille ei ole värikkäitä sukkia?
  8. Kehitä tuotettasi tarinan pohjalta.
  9. Kun kerrot tarinan, kerrot ostajasta. "Why". Älä kehu tuotetta.
  10. Kuuntele laajaa joukkoa kun testaat ja kehität tuotetta.
  11. Älä liitä liian monta ominaisuutta "Pivot"
  12. Kaikkia asiakkaita ei voi miellyttää
  13. Levitä hyvää fiilistä! Jos olet innostunut tuotteestasi, tartuta tunne työkavereihisi, pomoosi ja asiakkaisiisi.
  14. Valitse työkavereiksi tyyppejä, joilla on erilaiset tausta ja joiden kanssa viihdyt,
  15. Muista bisnestutuista yksityiskohtia, kuten lemmikin nimi. Kun tapaatte, kysy miten koira voi?
  16. Nouse nopeasti ylös jos epäonnistut. Älä jää vellomaan asiaa.

Näin Parannat myyntiä pointsit Marina Vahtola, Erkki Izarra, Jaakko Aspara, Juhani Siren (HS 4.7.2015).

Compilation by Risto Päärni

How to Present: Share Ideas That Inspire Action

Simon Sinek, Optimist and Author