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Welcome ! Here are our open positions 2019.

Tule meille konsultiksi !

Cloud Ready Teams, Certified Consultant 500h Program on uusille konsulteille suunniteltu mentorointiohjelma, jossa voit suorittaa opintonäyttöjä ja erikoistua johonkin Cloud Ready Teams asiakokonaisuuteen osana asiakastiimiämme. Tule mukaan osaamisesi mukaisella Consultant roolilla.

Etsimme aktiivisesti asiakashankkeisiin kokeneita konsultteja ja autamme konsultiksi aikovia osaajia.


Lifetime Group consists of

Lifetime Studios. the data and apps specialists.

Lifetime Consulting. Advisors you trust. Consultancy and Advisory Services.

Lifetime HR Solutions. Cloud Ready Teams Certified Consultant 500h.

Lifetime Logistics. Professional Services.

Lifetime Publishing. Everything digital.

Open Positions

Consultant trainee. Oppisopimus tai harjoittelupaikka 3 kuukauden mentorointijakso Cloud Ready Teams koulutuksessa. Various positions. Nyt alkamassa. Test Automation Teams 4.3.2019 International. Lifetime HR Solutions. Apply before 28.2.2019. 3 major international partners.

Consultant. Various positions. Lifetime Consulting. Apply before 28.2.2019.

Senior Consultant. Various. Lifetime Consulting. Apply before 28.2.2019.

Head of Operations, Continuous Transformation, Lifetime Studios. Apply before 28.2.2019.

Dynamics Consultant. Lifetime Consulting. Apply before 28.2.2019.

Salesforce Consultant. Lifetime Consulting. Apply before 28.2.2019.

In-House Coach. Lifetime HR Solutions. Apply before 28.2.2019.

Open Application to any of our Roles. Apply before 31.3.2019.

How to apply

Hello there job seeker and professional !

How to proceed?

  1. Fill in our Contact form. Mention the role(s) you are available for, availability, pricing.

  2. Please email me at for discuss and build a detailed job description for you. Please include your email a Motivation letter 1 pp and short CV 1 pp explaining why you want get this position?

  3. Let’s meet. I will call you back to book an interview preferably between 14 to 15.00 on weekdays.

  4. Please remember connect with me (Risto Anton) on Linkedin.

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Best wishes to your career , keep up the good work !

Risto Anton

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