Lifetime HR Solutions, Lifetime Consulting and Lifetime Studios along with our partners are producing Cloud Ready Teams 500h Certified Consultant Program. Quality Assurance.

Customers face increased delivery gap on their cloud initiatives. Lifetime HR Solutions, Lifetime Consulting and Lifetime Studios unique Cloud Ready Program builds Blue Ocean Strategy that helps companies predict and scale their cloud resource efforts.

Cloud Ready Teams Program is run quarterly to produce World-Class Cloud Ready Teams for various Business Needs. All teams are available to our strategic partners, customers to fulfill and scale the demand of highly skilled digital workforce.

Our first line up is starting February 2019.

Presenting Cloud Ready Teams 500h Certified Consultant. Quality Assurance.

Lifetime Consulting with its partners has created to B-toB markets a new Team Product for Customer Project needs called Cloud Ready Teams 500h.

Our Product line change the Game of creating Mobile Apps, Cloud Services, Continuous Development, DevOps Teams, secure OffShoring.

Cloud Ready Teams (CRT) makes it easy to mix-and-match your development teams and scale with the demand.

With our unique DevOps Ready Teams Customer can efficiently manage its global cloud based assets anywhere in the World.

With Cloud Ready Teams it is easy to predict your cloud based project costs. Predict your application migration and maintenance costs.

Change Team Unit members on the fly when need changes. Get backoffice from inside EU, Offshore development with our Care Service.

CRTs makes it easy to plan, build and deploy Mobile Apps to best sales channels with best global developers onboard. Our Sales Ready Teams simplify creation of brand value, ensures product / market fit 7P, and makes Company Software Asset Management profitable and easy. Cloud Ready Teams makes it easy to your solution to win and thrive at the Application Race.

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2. Winning in the Crowd Race. Lifetime Consulting. 2019. Pre-order here.

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